Monday, May 18, 2015


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Some days I get good deals, others, I just break down and buy something just because I need something fun.  Nothing says fun more than a base.
Skyhopper is a redeco of Storm Cloud from the Air Strike Patrol.  While Storm Cloud had a two-tone color scheme, Sky Hopper features decals on his wings and tail fin.  This adds to the overall look of the jet mode. 
This picture proves that I have a lot of work to do on my black background photography skills.  If you happen to own a Storm Cloud, look at him and imagine it with a white face, green body, and gray legs.
Skyhopper comes with a giant helicopter to pilot.  Because a robot that can turn into a jet needs to pilot a helicopter.  Skyhopper stands in the cockpit, and there is only room for one figure.  The blades rotate and there's enough clearance that Skyhopper isn't hit by the,.  There are gray missile launchers on either side of the chopper and a cannon mounted on the bottom.

The helicopter transforms into a battle station, and it's much more interesting than Groundshaker's.  There's a missile bay and three ramps.  This thing just seems bigger than Groundshaker's battle station.  I really love the amount of space given for other figures to be stationed.
One of the fun things about Micromasters is the play factor.  Since they were designed to compete with Micro Machines, the play sets offered a lot of things to do.  I only own one other Decepticon set, and that's Greasepit, but it still connects well with the helicopter set.  Hopefully I'll be able to add more sets sooner, rather than later.  And no, that isn't me dropping any hints.  Micromasters are nice and all, but I'm kinda just getting them as the mood strikes me.

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