Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Duocons, Merge For The Kill!

One thing that's bothered me over the years is the lack of later period Transformers in fiction.  Sure, you have your season three characters, Headmasters, Targetmasters and the odd Pretender, but they've been pretty much shoehorned in or used as a cameo to satisfy diehard fans.  Or to please Hasbro and display the newest toy out there.  Is it really necessary to always focus on the same 15-20 characters all of the time?

Two great characters that I feel have never been used are the Duocons, Flywheels and Battletrap.  Sure, they were apparently used in the Headmasters cartoon in Japan, but I didn't even know that existed until the advent of the Internet.  Battletrap kinda appeared in the Marvel Transformers comic, but that was nothing more than a nonspeaking role.  Flywheels showed up for two seconds during the opening credits for "The Rebirth", so there's that, I suppose.

C'mon!  Why would you not flesh these guys out?  They're both psychotic!
Like the caption says, they're both psychotic.  Battletrap likes to trap his victims between his to alt-modes, and bat them around!  Flywheels' two alt-modes are jealous of each other!  The jet hates the tank!  The tank hate the jet!  There's gold in there somehow!  I mean, am I just an idiot, or are there others who'd like to see Battletrap's jeep plow into Sunstreaker, knock him into the air and then the helicopter knock him back down onto the jeep's roof over and over again?  Do we really need more stories about Optimus Prime being whiny?