Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions Page!  Not that anyone ever asks me any questions.  Nonetheless, I've decided to do this, so read on and enjoy.

How long have you been collecting?
Well, I've been a collector since the Transformers first appeared on store shelves in 1984.  I took a break when G1 ended, got a few Beast Wars, Beast Machines and RiD figures when they were out and really got back into it around 2001.  Altermators, Binaltech and Masterpiece figures helped to refuel my love of the brand.  I started getting a figure or two a year from eBay as well as the Takara book style reissues.  Since 2010, I've made a concerted effort to finish my G1 collection whether by reissue or vintage. 

Do you collect other things?
 Well, once G1ended, I kinda floated around to different franchises, looking for something else to tie my passions to.  Throughout the years I've collected Spawn (early years), all of the Image figures from McFarlane Toys, Star Wars Power of the Force, Gundam and various other lines.  Once I got bored with a property, I gave the toys to smaller cousins or whatever kid wanted them.  Probably not the smartest financial move, but when you see a kid's face light up at getting hundreds of Star Wars figures, it reminds you what action figures can do.  I also occasionally collect G.I. Joe, but only when the movie figures aren't out.  But that's pretty much a done thing since all of them are in storage at the moment due to a lack of space.  I also collect a few comic titles.

You collect comics?  Which ones?
My comic collecting habit has really died down over the years.  Currently, I only read X-Factor, Uncanny Avengers, Transformers: Regeneration One, Transformers: MTME, Tranformers: RiD, and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Four years ago, I was getting 25-30 titles a month.  I've since sold most of my collection.

Optimal Omega sounds familiar.  Are you that guy that used to annoy people on the old Dreamwave boards?
Yeah, I liked to do comedy roleplays on that site.  Sorry if I annoyed you.

Do you do fan art?
I do!  One day I'll post some.  I'm sure it will go over like gangbusters.

How many figures do you have?
Over 400, but I'm sure that will change as I continue adding to the collection.

What makes you so special that you think you need a blog?
I don't think I'm special.  I just want to do something semi-creative that includes my passion.  This is also my way of trying to connect to the fandom.  Also, shut up.

Why don't you interact with the fandom more?  I've never seen you on any of the fandom boards.
I do post, just really infrequently.  I just feel as though my voice isn't needed to be that loud on the boards.  While I love the Transformers, I don't spend a lot of time thinking in depth about them or the implications of minutiae.  My wife and kids take up most of my spare time, which is how it should be.

I notice that you don't have and 3rd party figures...
That isn't a question.  But to reply to your snide remark, no I do not have any 3rd party figures.  My reasons are varied and too numerous to list, but suffice it to say that one of the main reasons is that my brain cannot get over the fact that 3rd party figures cost anywhere from 3-5 times more than a regular deluxe size Generations figure.  When I still have so many vintage figures left for me to get, I just can't justify the expense.  Maybe one day I'll get over that.  Maybe.

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