Sunday, April 2, 2017


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After what seemed like an eternity (well, 29 years), I have finally completed the Decepticon Targetmasters with the addition of Quake.  And there was much rejoicing in the kingdom!  By the way, Quake's pic totally makes him look like a Headmaster.

While jets are the most ubiquitous of Decepticon alt-modes, tanks seem to follow a close second.  It's a shame that the turret doesn't turn, but the tank itself is spectacular.  The maroon and grey is a nice look.  Say what you will about the garishness of the late 1980's and early 1990's, but they sometimes found some interesting color combinations.
This is not a tank that I'd go after on the battlefield, not that I'd be chasing after tanks anyway.
Quake's turret is removable and the Nebulons can be positioned in it's place.  This isn't a look that I necessarily like, but I do see how play value can be added.  Now I know why the turret doesn't move.
Quake is tall.  Like really tall.  I think that thanks to his transformation scheme, he's taller than Powermaster Optimus Prime.  Ok, he isn't that tall, but he's pretty damn tall.  He's certainly the tallest of the Decepticon Double Targetmasters.
Quake instantly became my favorite of the Decepticon Double Targetmasters when I realized that he can be posed a bit thanks to the way he transforms.  Any G1 figure that can move his head is just the bee's knees to me.  And this is just a great pose.
And with Quake, I can finally take this picture!  All Decepticon Targetmasters are accounted for!  Now I just need to finish those pesky Decepticon Headmasters.