Sunday, February 24, 2013


So, I'm out of room.  I was trying to figure out where I was going to put all of the Masterpiece figures coming out this year and it dawned on me that I'm out of room.  Earlier, when I moved everything out of the garage, I had packed up all of my G.I. Joes, vehicles, and miscellaneous Cobra figures to create room for what I felt was most important - the Transformers.  I left out my Cobra forces just so I could have a troop builder display, but, sadly they had to come down if I was going to display any of the new Transformers I was getting in the next few months.  To commemorate this, I figured I'd take a few pictures of the various little displays I had set up as my Cobra shelf.  The figures are dusty, the posing not so great, but I hope you enjoy the pictures.  No figures were recycled to make any of these pictures.  Each scene has it's own unique figures.  That's why I love troop builders.

Cobra Commander and the Crimson Guard
Sepentor, Battle Armor Cobra Commander and Cobra Troops
Cobra Commander, Alley Vipers, Shock Troopers, and The Cobra Fury
Major Blood, Cobra Night Watch, Cobra Troops and Cobra Stinger
Python Patrol Crimson Guard, Officers, Copperhead and Sting Raider
Cobra Vipers
Cobra B.A.T.S
Cobra Para-Vipers
Cobra Divers
Cobra Eels
Hazard Vipers and Techno-Vipers
Night Creepers, Range Viper and Rock Viper
Cobra Hiss Tanks, Bazooka Trooper, Wraith, and Firefly
Zartan and his Dreadnoks
Arctic Hiss Tank, Arctic Assault Squad, Snow Serpents
Destro, Iron Grenadiers and the Weather Dominator
Desert Assault Squad, Baroness, Cobra Air Troopers, Cobra Commander and MASS Device, Xamot and Tomax, and Crimson Guard

There would be more pictures, but by time I had thought to do this, I had already put up a few of the displays.  Hopefully when I get around to buying that 5 bedroom house, these guys can come back out again.  I really love the troop building aspect of Cobra forces, so I'd love to have my display out again.  Maybe a diorama.

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