Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Holding Pattern

Ugh.  My purchases have effectively come to a stop.  The reason?  I'm waiting.  Waiting on a seller.  I'll explain.

In November, I walked into my local comic shop as I always do, to get my latest comics.  One thing to note is that there are only two customers at this store that buy any comic with a Transformer in it - me and some other guy that I don't know.  I have an idea who it might be, but I'm not sure.  At any rate, I've gotten into many a conversation with the shop owner about Transformers, that and I have a friend that works there so I've shown off my purchases there.  As such, I've become The Transformer Guy at the shop.  So in November, I walked into the shop, got my comics, and as I was leaving, the owner, Daniel, asked me if I ever bought Transformers.  I took a breath, and answered in the affirmative, and he began telling me about his friend.  This friend had just cleaned out his father's attic and came across his Transformers that had been in their original boxes since the late '80s.  Daniel wanted to know if I'd be interested in them.  Again, I had to take a deep breath, but this time it was to keep my composure.

I calmly told him that yes, yes I would, perhaps, be interested in purchasing some MIB figures.  Daniel told me that they were all "original Transformers from the first run", which is what people tell me when they're talking about G1 figures.  My initial question was about what year they were from and all Daniel could tell me was that they were all from the first run.  Could these be '84 figures?  Or could they be up to 1991?  Daniel couldn't answer, but told me that he'd have them in the shop soon.  I told him to let me know, and I'd be back to check them out.  Then, then I started to dream.
Dare I dream of this?
So here it is, the middle of January, and I still don't have anything to show for it.  Why is that?  Well apparently the seller has discovered his love of Transformers and has been playing with them.  I understand that.  Besides, it could help with the price.  Then again, it could hurt me with the price if he decides that he doesn't want to sell.  If he doesn't want to sell, then I understand.

There are a few other frustrations going on with this whole deal.  When I was originally approached about all of this, Daniel was pretty unaware that people would buy MIb or MISB figures.  This fostered hope that I would get some good deals.  I'm looking to fleece the guy, but I don't feel as though I should pay eBay prices either.  During my last visit to the shop, I tried to find out more about the figures.  Specifically, what figures this guy had.  Apparently, the seller doesn't even know what figures he has, which is troublesome.  If they're MIB, the names should be on the boxes.

"I dunno.  I think this is Jazz?"  TF Toy
Another potential deal killer - the seller wants to a number thrown at him.  This would be fine if I knew what this guy had, but I don't.  Then Daniel chimed in that he still had to see what they were worth.  This is perhaps the most troubling aspect of the whole deal.  To me, this means that they're going to check out eBay before they come up with a price.  Using eBay as a price guide is unreliable at best.

So, when all of these variables are factored in, why am I still in a holding pattern with the guy?  Why haven't I just packed it up and moved on?  Simple - I really want to see what this guy has to offer.  I want to be one of the guys that finds one of those lots at a great price with a lot of great pieces.  I want to have a G1 MIB figure with the insert.  I want a lot of things.  I want to make a splash.  More than anything, though, I really want to see what this guy has.  Could it be a cornucopia of 1984 figures?  Could I possibly find MIB Headmasters and Targetmasters?  Pretenders?  My mind is awash in the possibilities.  Hopefully, I'll find out soon what I can get my grubby little hands on.  Until then, I can't bring myself to purchase anything.  Why get something loose on eBay when I have the possibility of maybe getting one MIB?


  1. Pretty exciting Optimal! Hearing about findings like these are becoming less and less. Hopefully there are some treasures in the lot for you…..if this guy comes to terms with selling them.

    I have to completely agree with you in people using eBay as a price guide as a lot of times its numbers thrown out there either randomly, or inflated through a bidding war between two idiots looking to show who has the bigger package, or as I have been seeing lately is a lot of sellers having dummy accounts and doing last minute bidding on their own items if they know they aren't going to get the price that they want and didn't put a reserve on it. This has happened to me twice in trying to get a G2 Sideswipe.

    I also hate it when the seller says make me an offer. I always say no to them and tell them that they obviously have a number in mind so just come out with it and are either just completely not in the know or are hoping we overpay.

    Anyway, good luck and keep us informed.
    This could be a very exciting find for you.

    Maybe instead of anymore waiting, you should be a little more direct and ask your friend Daniel for direct contact to this guy so that you could go over and see his stuff?


    1. The worst thing in the world is when you ask someone a price and they say "Hold on a sec," and then pull out their tablet or phone and load up eBay. Insane.

  2. Keep pressuring him (nicely of course) to give you a list of what is available. Make sure he understands you can make an offer if you don't know what you are making an offer for.

    If you know how to use eBay and their completed auction data correctly, then eBay can be helpful in gauging what an item's "worth" is. Biggest thing people forget is something is only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it.

    I've been known as the Transformer guy at the last two companies I worked for. Each time I was given a box of G1 TFs and bought them for a song. I know those instances are rare, but stay on the guy. You may just yet have a great deal in your future!

    1. I've been keeping up the pressure, you'd think I was canning peaches. I just went to the shop yesterday, and I feel as though I'm inching oh so much closer to getting some sort of information. So very close.