Friday, February 5, 2016


Highbrow is a figure that I've been wanting to own since I was in the 5th grade.  The closest I came as a kid was getting Gort from the drunken 14 year old that lived near me when I was 11.  Of course, Gort was missing his arms, which I always found odd because this was 1988, and he shouldn't have aged that badly.  At any rate, I finally have a complete Highbrow. 
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The above scene is pretty much the only impression that I have of Highbrow, well, that and getting crushed by Unicron in issue #75.  Sure, there is The Rebirth, and Headmasters, but the less said about Rebirth, the better.  Also, I still haven't been able to sit through an entire episode of Headmasters.
I've always loved Highbrow's chopper mode.  The twin rotor copter just looks great.  I was actually surprised by the fact that there are only three blades per rotor.  For some reason, I had it in my head that there would be four blades.  The red cockpit looks like it could double as a tech spec decoder.
Look!  It's Gort!  And he has both of his arms!  It's amazing!
Highbrow comes with two rifles that apparently make acid rain.  They can attach to either the wings or one can attach under the cockpit.
I don't like that look.  It isn't symmetrical.  Perhaps if there were three guns, it would look better, but the one looks funny.

 I just really love Highbrow's robot more.  Highbrow owns perhaps the best head sculpt of all the Headmasters.  Don't agree with me?  Then you must not own Highbrow.  When I received my Highbrow, his stickers were in really good shape, but then I used a Magic Sponge to clean the figure, and the decals got smudged, as you can see on his legs.  I may have to replace the original decals with ones from ToyHax.  Maybe.  Probably.  Most likely.  Definitely.

Now that I have Highbrow, that leaves just Chromedome and Nightbeat missing from my Autobot Headmaster collection.  Decepticons?  Man, I'm missing so many. 

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  1. It's worth getting through the first few episodes of Headmasters. Just make sure you watch it with the newer subtitles and not the really bad English dubbing which gets everyone's name wrong