Monday, March 28, 2016

Pretender Bugly

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I originally purchased Bugly last year, but I haven't talked about him due to worry that I had dominated last year with a lot of Pretenders.  You know, for a sub-line that claim to love, I seem to be in need of quite a few of them.  Bugly represents a bit of a transition point for me with Pretenders; I'm at the point where all that's left to get are the ones that aren't cheap.  Thankfully, I didn't have to pay a ton for him.  Not because I don't like him, but because he usually isn't cheap.
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This is my only real recollection of Bugly as a kid.  I remember him vaguely from the catalog, but this is what sticks in my mind: the old product (Skywarp) getting the best of the new product (Bugly) before the new product wins out.  What really got to me was Skywarp using the word "nor", which is something I had never encountered outside of English classes.  It just hit my hear wrong.  It certainly isn't something that a robot from another planet would say, I'm assuming.
Did you know that Bugly is a practitioner of the deadly art of Circuit-Su?  Did you know that there was more to Cybertronian martial arts than Metallikato?  I sure as hell didn't.  Circuit-Su apparently deals with the mind.  I guess that's how Bugly was able to predict where Skywarp would teleport to next in the above issue.  Neat.  At any rate, Bugly certainly has one of the better looking shells.  I love how pointy it is.  Yes, Iguanus has a lot of points on his shell, but I think the colors and wings just make Bugly stand out more.  Sadly, with a great price come a couple of blemishes.  There is a nick on the paint on Bugly's mandible, but I can live with that.

  There is also to the standard bit of spotting on the shell, this time on Bugly's wings.  It isn't as bad as I initially feared, but it's still present.  I wish there was a way to remove that stuff.  The antennae, I think, are what really make Bugly pop to me.  There's movable, so they can be in a variety of positions.  I prefer the down position, but I may put them up from time to time.
When I took these picture, back in freaking December, I didn't realize that I forgot to take a standard picture of Bugly's robot mode.  I have this close-up of his torso, so we'll make it work.  Bugly has one of the better Pretender inner robots.  The colors are very complementary and work well together.  Lavender and purple look nice next to each other, no?  There could be some color on the eyes, but I'm not complaining.  I've decided to leave the jet fins up while in robot mode to give Bugly a deadlier edge.
There really isn't anything to say about Bugly's jet mode.  It literally looks like every other Pretender transformation ever.  And I mean ever.  Still, the colors are nice. 
Finally, a shot of Bugly standing next to his shell.  While I was writing this, I purchased two more Pretenders.  Couple those with what I have in the pipeline, this may very well turn into the Year of the Pretender!


  1. One of my favorites. I still have mine from my childhood, complete too surprisingly.

    1. I imagine that the antennae would be hard to keep track of. Thanks for reading!

  2. One of my favorites. I still have mine from my childhood, complete too surprisingly.