Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm From Another Universe, You Don't Know Me

I've gotten really indecisive over what to buy.  I really want to get the rest of the Dinobots, but I'm so freaking worried that I'm going to get a knockoff.  One day, one day.  Anyway, while looking for my latest purchase, I just said to hell with it, and bought Camshaft.

 I remember as a kid getting one of those S.T.A.R.S. booklets where you could order Reflector, The Omnibots, Powerdashers or, later on, Sunstreaker. Mirage and a host of others.  I just remember looking at the booklets, and thinking "Those guys looks lame!"  I was stupid as a kid.  Besides, could they really be Transformers if they never appeared anywhere in any kind of fiction?  I completely forgot that the Omnibots existed until someone mentioned their appearance in some Dreamwave comic when it came out.  Then I forgot about them again.  So, that made them must haves for my list, for some reason.

Caution: May not be as awesome as his profile.
I actually like Camshaft's profile.  He's impervious to artillery, paranoid, and a coward.  That's comedy gold, there.  And he's somehow a dimension hopper because Ultra Magnus said so?  So there's that aspect.

Nice car
As far as early G1 figures go, he's pretty standard.  I have trouble flipping his legs out because his clips are super strong.  I keep thinking that I'm going to break him when I transform him out of alt-mode.  Prior to actually receiving him, I was pretty stoked about him.  I got him, and I was not impressed.  Maybe it was a case of me building him up in my head, which is odd, as I've seen literally hundreds of pictures of him.

He's a Celica?
Now that I have one Omnibot, the collector in me demands that I get Overdrive and Downshift.  How quickly I acquire them remains to be seen.  I think I need Backstreet first.  Anyway, another one down, 42 left to go.


  1. I'm pretty sure Downshift (white car) was the Toyota Celica. Camshaft looks more like a Mazda RX-7...