Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hun-Grr! Wait, Hun-Gur? No, it's Hun-Gurrr!

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We're nearing the finish line of Abominable August!  Previously, I covered Cutthroat, Blot, Sinnertwin and Rippersnapper.  Guess that leaves Hun-Gurrr.  Cue some Spectre General!

Hun-Gurrr is the Terrorcon commander.  He's also a glutton.  If he isn't ordering his Terrorcons around, he's stuffing his pie-hole.  Unless he's in dragon mode, because he can eat and talk at the same time thanks to his two heads.  Multitasking! 

Being a character that debuted in the third season, and a team leader to boot, Hun-Gurrr wasn't prominently featured in the cartoon.  He gave the other Terrorcons orders in a few episodes, merged into Abominus, and that was it.  That's kind of sad.

Hun-Gurrr's impact in the comics was equally pathetic.  His highlight seems to be calling himself and his fellow Terrorcons losers.

Hurray for self esteem!
But I actually like his latest appearance in a comic the best.

There's something about a lobotomized, zombie version of Hun-Gurrr that's oddly appealing.  I hate zombies, but I think that this one is pretty cool.  It was nice of Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman to include some lesser seen characters in Regeneration One.  Wonder if anyone's kitbashed this?  It wouldn't be too hard, I suppose.  Speaking of toys...

My future is so bright.
Here's Hun-Gurrr in mode, and I have to say, that I love this mode.  The back legs feature a decent amount of articulation, and more so in the two necks.  The heads have a decent amount of detailing even if I seem to think that they're wearing sunglasses for some reason.

The colors work well too.  The white and grey just bring out a Gundam feel to me, for some reason.  The pink plating along the spine looks really good as well.

Robot mode is pretty nifty.  The only drawback to me is the waist - it's kind of odd looking to me.  It's almost as if he doesn't have one.  Hun-Gurrr goes from from torso to legs with nothing in between.  Aside from that, I really dig the robot mode.  Thanks to his transformation scheme, Hun-Gurrr has articulation at the shoulders and elbows.  Even better is what you can do with Abominus' chest plate.

It's a shield!  Now Hun-Gurrr can shoot from behind cover!  As an added bonus Hun-Gurrr has leg articulation!
That's not the most skilled pose, but you get the point.  It's rare to have a G1 figure with articulation.  Then again, Hun-Gurrr is the torso of a combiner, so he gets a greater range of articulation.

Every combiner leader features a third mode, but Hun-Gurrr was never given one, which is odd.  Thanks to TFWiki, I was able to find what should have been Hun-Gurrr's third base mode.

It's...something alright.
Beautiful, isn't it?  Of course not.  Now I know why this mode was never documented.  I'm not even sure what it's supposed to be.  Is it a repair base like Hot Spot?  Perhaps the world will never actually know.

So now that I've covered Hun-Gurrr, Abominable August comes to a close.  We've had some fun, and covered my newest vintage additions.  I think that - what's that?  What about Abominus?  Fine.  Very well, because the tens of you that read this page demanded it, I'll cover Abominus next post!  I'll save the post month dissection for that post.  Until then, stay frosty!


  1. I always loved Abominus and as an extension the Terrorcons. I remember getting Hun-grrr when I was small and I actually still have him to this day. I do agree that he needs more characterization though, I feel like these guys could be exploited a little more.

    1. I think most of the characters released after 1987 need more characterization. It's a great injustice.

  2. I love what you've done w/ these series of themed posts. Well done! I have to give you credit as well for making me think to look for the missing Abominus parts while at Charticon a few weeks back. Still need his left fist though...

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I was running out of things to say for the last couple of guys. They just had little to no impact on the fiction whatsoever. I felt like I was starting to repeat myself. Hope you find that left fist!

  3. Loved Hun-Grrr as a kid - he was easily one of the most poseable G1 toys of that era.

    1. Really, if he had waist articulation, I think he'd fit right in with today's figures.