Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The other day, I received my MP-11, Coronation Starscream. As soon as I opened him, my wife looked at me with the "Another One?" look that she seems to get. My six year old and three year old just went "You got another Transformer? You're always getting Transformers!". After listening to all of this, I've decided to slow down on acquisitions for a month or so. Which is good, because now I can focus on a couple of other projects I've been putting off: completing a few figures.

Talking with other collectors, it seems that we all have at least a plastic storage tote of incomplete toys. I only have one, and it's not that full. Mainly my old Voltron, an old Robotech Beta fighter, and miscellaneous Transformers. I something like seven tackle boxes full of accessories. Digging through my tote, I came across Starscream. When did I get this? I've never owned a Starscream before his Classic Pretender incarnation. I dug into the tackle boxes to see if I had any of his accessories.

I managed to find his left wing, the tail fins, and the rudder fins. I'm still perplexed as to how he came into my possession. Oh well, that just means I get to complete him!

That Starscream is sneaky

Scouring eBay, it looks like it would be cheaper to just buy an Encore version, but it's not the same as owning the original, you know? And the Encore versions have a lot of tampographed stuff, which is fine, I suppose. The real fun is getting out my tweezers and applying the decals!

I've already completed a couple of projects I've been putting off. One was getting new decals for my Defensor. Gotta say, I love Reprolabels. Really wish I had taken some before pics, my Protectobots were in bad shape, sticker-wise.

Really wished

Probably should've done a better cleaning job before reapplying stickers
Another bot that's needed decals for quite some time is my Bluestreak.  Bluestreak was my first deluxe class Transformer.  I got him Christmas of 1984.  My brother got Prowl.  Like a lot of kids, after a couple of years, the roof broke off.  I still had his weapons, and even his rifle was intact, so I was able to buy a body a few years ago for fairly cheap.  I kept putting off getting decals for him until last month, for some reason.


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