Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Masterpiece Lambor

Oddly, there isn't one picture or review on the entirety of the Internet about the newly released Masterpiece Lambor, also known as MP-12 and Masterpiece Sideswipe. I guess this makes this the only blog or website to talk about him. He must not be popular or something. Try doing a Google search for MP-12 Sideswipe and not a thing pops up.

In all seriousness, this is probably the 534,698th review of this figure and most likely will wind up being the least read. Oh well.

I'm not going to go into all of the detail that everyone else has or will everywhere else. Why beat a dead horse? This will mainly be pictures.

I will say a few things about the figure before I start with the pics. After learning about the lack of die-cast, I was a little apprehensive. I understand that all-plastic figures are sturdier than those featuring die-cast parts, but I like the heft of a metal figure. That being said, for an all-plastic construction, this guy is solid. The lack of rubber tires had me concerned as well, but the plastic tires still look sharp.

I've seen online where MP-12 was essentially the size of a Classics figure which worried me greatly. Having finally gotten mine, I can say that the heights may be the same, but Sideswipe definitely has more girth and substance than a Classics figure. Just the poseability alone makes Sideswipe a worthy purchase. I love this figure. On to pics!


Wonder who's side he's on?
Even the back is gorgeous
How's this scale?
The in-scale gang
Couldn't find my MP-10 box for comparison.  MP-09 will do.
Mine came with 2 cards!?


  1. Great pics! To be fair, only MP-10 and on are in-scale. Grimlock and Hot Rod are not considered scale accurate.

    Then again...Star Scream didn't tower over Sideswipe either, but I think the scale is Autobot Specific. Meh.

    YAY! SIDESWIPE! Are you going to buy Red Alert? I'm almost tempted. He's such a great figure!

    1. I could've sworn I read somewhere about the scale starting with Grimlock. I just can't remember where. As for Red Alert, yes. I want him more than Sideswipe. And I can't wait for Soundwave!

  2. Am I the only blogger still waiting pn his MP Lambor to be delivered?! Awesome pics by the way. :

    1. Who'd you order from? I got mine Monday. Thanks about the pictures. I'm trying to use the huge light box I built, but I need to switch bulbs so I can get rid of the yellow. I could not color correct them enough to get rid of that yellow...