Sunday, November 4, 2012

Masterpiece Gestalts?

I just had an odd realization. With TakaraTomy doing Masterpieces in scale and their desire to eliminate the fandom's desire of third party products, could Masterpiece Gestalts be next?

I didn't think they'd do MP cassettes, but they are. Gestalts would be astonishing. I think that there's definitely a market for it considering the prices that the third party stuff sells for. Am I crazy?


  1. My wallet aches just thinking about the idea!

  2. I imagine Devastator would be their primary candidate for such a venture, but with the proliferation of third party options available I'm not sure they would want to commit for fear of a lack of sales.

    1. I think there would still be a viable market for this. I'd buy a MP Devastator.