Monday, November 5, 2012

Predaking Part IV - Headstrong and Tantrum

I was struggling to come up with anything to say about Headstrong, so I've decided to combine posts on Predaking's legs. However, I really don't have a lot to say about these two, so I'm going to power through this post. Gotta get to Predaking!

Headstrong's a rhinoceros, a very good looking one at that. They've replaced his yellow hide with the gold flake and it does look better than the original. Just looking at him, I wouldn't mess with him. I would like for there to be a tail, but no matter, the rhino mode looks great. Add the dual cannon blaster on, and I wouldn't even look at him in the eye if I saw him the wild.

His robot mode is...well ugly, yes, but I want to say that it's a rhino that stood up and discovered that it had a humanoid head. His feet are little pieces of black plastic that just jut out from the red hind quarters of the rhino. There's a stabilizing fin in the back that must be flipped out so he can stand. His robot mode is frankly a mess.

Tantrum fares a little better in my eyes. The metal flake paint, again, looks great. The bull mode is solid. Just let me say that with all of the Predacons, the animal modes are for the most part exquisite. Again, I'd like to see a tail, but I won't quibble over it too much.

Maybe I'm just biased since I've had this guy since I was a kid, but I really like the robot mode. Tantrum is tall and his arms are really poseable. Unlike Headstrong, he has actual feet! Yay for feet!

Original on the left

I actually have an original all plastic version to compare with, so I'll just shit up and let the pictures do the rest. Up next - Predaking!


  1. Back when I still had alternators, I reprolabled my Rollbar to Tantrum, which was awesome. I've really been enjoying these posts seems I've never even touched a Predacon, even the reissues, so It's cool to see what I'm missing out on. I sure hope a 3rd party makes them again!

    1. Thanks! I'd like to see a 3rd party or MP update badly. Predaking is tomorrow!