Monday, May 13, 2013

Throttlebot Rollbar

Box scan from Botch the Crab

Rollbar is the last addition to my Throttlebot collection. He was ordered in a bulk purchase from one seller on eBay with whom I have a good relationship. When I got the package and dug through all of the packing peanuts, I couldn't find Rollbar! Instead, I found this guy:

Yes, he's a Throttlebot, but one I already owned. After a quick email to the seller , a Rollbar was sent out and he told me to just keep Freeway! Sweet. The one I've had since childhood has a huge "A" on the rear window in laundry marker, so this was a pleasant addition.

There really isn't anything that I want to say about Rollbar, other than I really like the desert vista on the windows. Rollbar, and most of the Throttlebots really, is just one of those characters and figures that are just...there. I'm not the biggest fan of the Throttlebots, but it's always good to complete a subgroup and add another figure to the collection. Enjoy the pics of Rollbar.


  1. Rollbar was the last Throttlebot I acquired and he's pretty cool. Love his ToyWorld upgrade.

  2. Back in 2004, I acquired all the Throttlebots in one lot for a whopping sum of $26. They are all pretty boring toys to be honest and actually, other than Rollbar and Wideload that are slightly different in size, are all the 'same'.