Monday, August 19, 2013

Overkill! Wait, I mean Rippersnapper!

Scan from
We're at the halfway point of Abominable August, and thus far I've had a blast.  This next post will serve two purposes: educate and entertain.  First, on to the education.

For those of you who are unaware, my Transformer collection languished in my garage for about 6 years.  That's where my wife wanted it, so that's where it was displayed.  Earlier this year, I finally convinced her to let me bring it into the house.  Rippersnapper was the catalyst.

Have you ever wondered what effects extreme swings in temperature have on plastic?  I used to, now I don't have to, again, thanks to Rippersnapper.  One day during the winter, I decided to transform Rippersnapper from beast mode to robot.  I lifted up the shark head and it snapped off.  So that necessitated a new Rippersnapper.  Joy.

Nice land shark mode.
 I've hemmed and hawed about replacing ol' Rippersnapper for months.  Should I?  When?  Then I decided to do this themed month about Abominus, and I was presented with the perfect opportunity.  Here's my new Rippersnapper.

 As you can see, this is version without the rub-sign indent.  Towards the end of 1987, Hasbro phased out the rub-signs on their figures.  That's a shame, because I really enjoy the rub-signs.  At any rate, finding these variants isn't difficult.  The stickers on this guy aren't that great, but that's what Reprolabels are for.

Rippersnapper is equipped with a twin missile launcher in land shark mode.  I've gotta say, that I'm a little saddened by how lazy that seems.  The name, that is.  After all of the acid launchers, twin ion cannons, rubber guns and all that, I would think that someone could have come up with a better weapon name.  Then again, maybe after coming up with all of those names, the guys at Hasbro ran out of steam.  It happens.

Robot mode on Rippersnapper is pretty standard.  Move some legs around, pull the legs out and flip the shark head back and you've got yourself a robot!  A robot with a cyclone gun!  A kibbly robot with a cyclone gun.

So many limbs
Now on to the entertaining part!  I promised entertainment, and I'm going to deliver.  For some reason, I have a mental block with Rippersnapper.  Every time I look at him, I immediately think that his name is Overkill.  When I type his name into the TFWiki, I type "Overkill" and get shocked every single time this pops up:

Not a limb for Abominus

I'm fairly certain that this only happens because of the similar color schemes, but man is it confusing. As a matter of fact, I've had to edit this entry several times to get rid of any instances where I  called Rippersnapper Overkill.  Hard work, I tell ya.  Only two more posts and then Abominable August is over.  See you for the next entry - Hun-Gurrr!


  1. Funny how different things open our significant other's eyes. My defining moment happened last weekend at Charticon. My little 6 foot table generated much more cash then I ever imagined. Since then I've purchased several new TFs (both in person @ retail & online) and I haven't heard a word from her! Before Charticon, I always got "the look" every time I wanted to buy a new TF!

    1. My wife gives me "the look" whenever I even say a word that starts with the letter "t".

  2. Nice! Lovin the Abominal August! This guy and Hun Grrr are the only two components I have so far. I feel both of ya on the wife/girlfriend thing too. My girl told me I needed to go to "toy rehab".

  3. Thanks! I told my wife this evening about the next Charticon not happening until 2015, and my wife had this look on her face like "You can't be serious". Significant others, you gotta love 'em.