Monday, November 11, 2013

30th Anniversasry Hoist!

Picture from TFWiki
See that picture above?  That's usually what I think about when I think of Hoist.  Well, that and the time he wore a goofy alien mask, but I couldn't find that screen grab.  Hoist is not a character I've taken very seriously.  Ever.  His G1 Toy is even worse.

I hate that figure.  Which is odd, because I really like Trailbreaker.  I think it all boils down to the head.  It's too big.  Sure, it doesn't look like it's too big in the picture, but in person it's honking huge.  Luckily, the new Generations version doesn't have this problem.

See that head?  It's proportional.  Hoist is a redeco of Generations Trailcutter, as the G1 Hoist was a redeco/remold of G1 Trailbreaker.  He looks magnificent.  Gorgeous, even.  The rear wings are missing from the back, but I believe a 3rd party company is taking care of that.  They take care of everything.
One of the nice advantages of modern toy engineering is increased articulation, and Hoist is a good example of a former brick who's been redefined.  His legs turn at the upper thighs, wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder and waist articulation.  That's a good bit or movement.  Whereas Trailcutter featured a battle shield as his weapon, Hoist comes with a gun.
"You will come in for your checkup."
Hoist's transformation is identical to Trailcutter's.  The one difference is that instead of attaching the rear roof, you get to attach a tow arm.  The gun unfolds to create the tow hook.  Mine is rather floppy, but I think that it's that way with all of them, from what I've read online.  Still, it's not bad looking alt mode.  How about some comparison photos of G1 and Generations Hoist? 
It looks like they kept the color scheme's about the same.  The greens may be different shades, but their placement pretty much match up.
G1 Hoist has a lot more orange in truck mode, but I like the balance on the Generations version.  Then again, it could be that my bias against OG Hoist could be the deciding factor.

Man, what's next - Generations Skids?  What's that?  Well then.


  1. Nice post Optimal, especial on a figure that really doesn't get much love. I personally don't own him…yet…I think it's just because his G1 figure really is an eyesore and that he doesn't occupy a space in my head when I'm out buying figures.

    The Generations figure was a very good update on him, but I'm not buying anymore generations figures for the time being as I'm focusing on other parts of my collection.

    What's strange is that I don't have any animosity towards Trailbreaker which I would get. Maybe it's the whole tow truck thing?

    Anyway, thanks for the posting.

    1. I'm the same. I can look at Trailbreaker all day long, but Hoist is just abominable. I think it's the huge head. The huge honking head.