Monday, January 27, 2014

Monstructor Part III - Wildfly
So far I've covered Slog, Monstructor's chest, and Bristleback, who forms an arm.  Let's look at another arm - Wildfly.  This is actually my second Wildfly.  Since I bought the Pretender Monsters as a set, I wound up with a second one.  I've had 24 years to formulate a review on him, so we'll get started.

Like every other Pretender Monster, Wildfly hasn't done anything in fiction.  Here's the sumary:

"Rhythms of Darkness!"
He was apparently so much of a jerk that Icepick threatened to kill him in "Rhythms of Darkness!", so Wildfly has that to be proud of.  And then in the IDW comics, he was driven insane by Jhiaxus's machinations to create the first ever gestalt.  So yeah, these late in the line guys get all of the love.

Wildfly is red and yellow, which somehow works.  His gun is longer than his arms, which means that when his arms are posed straight down, the side with the gun is lifted up a tad.  The unique thing about Wildfly is that while the other limbs and Birdbrain are essentially based on two molds, Wildfly is not.  He's unique!

Looking at these pictures, I'm fairly certain that I have his legs transformed incorrectly.  No matter, it still works.

A vast, predatory bird

Flip up the bird face, push the legs up and fold the talons down and you have a...something.  It's a winged creature, that's for sure.  With tiny wings.

Judging by his profile art, I'd suggest that he's a demonic falcon, but what do I know?  All I know is that his tech spec doesn't say what his alt mode is and I've been thinking about it for over two decades. 

Just as Wildfly's alt mode is ill-defined, so is his Pretender shell.  It's a winged ghoul of some sort.  There is a downside to this newer figure that I didn't notice until after I had started taking pictures.  Wildfly's shell features numerous spots from degradation, I suppose.

If you'll click on each picture, the spots are really noticeable.  And all over.  I have no idea what caused them, but there you go.  It's a shame because I was actually thinking about flipping this Wildfly and keeping my original so that I might get a figure that I didn't currently own.  C'est la vie.

Up next, we'll look at Monstructor's torso - Birdbrain!  In the meantime, if you know what Wildfly transforms into, let me know.  Please.  I really want to know.


  1. I don't know what Wildfly turns into, but it does kinda look like a chibi-fied version of Terrorcon Cutthroat. Incidentally I think the discoloration on Wildfly's shell is pretty common to Pretender Monsters, even packaged examples, and given his group's rarity I think he's probably still worth a fair amount.

    1. Thank goodness. I still think I'm gonna flip him.

  2. Wildfly for whatever reason is my favorite individual Monster Pretender. Perhaps its the goofy 60's sci-fi looking shell. At least his alternate mode better resembles his shell as opposed to some of his teammates.

  3. He does better resemble his shell than everyone else, I'll give you that. As far as my favorite, I'm going up go with Scowl just based on his profile from TFWiki.