Monday, June 30, 2014

Generations Swerve

I don't buy Legends class figures.  Seriously, I don't.  There just hasn't been any figure in that size that I've ever wanted.  Huffer came close, but I still passed.  Then Hasbro had to announce they were releasing Swerve in that size class.  What was more appealing was that he was going to be in all of his Nick Roche/ Alex Milne glory!  Oh happy day!  Swerve!  Seller of swill and quick of tongue!  Swerve!  Perpetual puller of practical joke!  Swerve!  Blurr's best friend!
Swerve transforms into a truck, which is reminiscent of his G1 version, minus the camper top on the bed.  It is a thing of beauty.  Just look at it while I load up the next picture.
Here is Swerve in all of his Roche/Milne glory.  Just take it in a moment.  I'll give you a shot of his face so we can appreciate just how detailed the sculpt is.
He's even smirking!  Just phenomenal.  It's so spectacular that it covers up a few deficiencies with the rest of the mold.  First, there's the head.  By now, I've come to expect at least some left to right articulation with the head.  What we instead get is a head that moves up and down.  It's ok, I suppose, but I'd rather have Swerve look left and right.

Swerve's legs are also kind of stationary.  I'm a little saddened by this.  His legs move at the knees and at the hips, but I was expecting some sort of twisting at the thighs like other figures.  Most of this is due to his transformation scheme, but I'm still a tad bummed about it. 
Like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee before him, Legends Swerve comes with a mini-con/ targetmaster weapon.  Swerve's partner is known as Flanker.  He's a jet.  Flanker looks like a stealth plane.
Out of the Legends figures that I have wrangled so far, Flanker is by far the best mini-con.  He's detailed and looks like a real robot.  Flanker reminds me of Strafe from the Technobots for some reason.
When Flanker transforms into his gun mode, he attaches to a port on the top of Swerve's truck mode.  I really dig Flanker's gun mode.  It's not a My First Blaster™, but it's nice.  I really wonder why Swerve didn't come with a My First Blaster™.  I bet someone annoys Hasbro about it at BotCon this year.
Here is Swerve, fully armed.  Flanker suits him well.  I still wish he had more movement in his legs; maybe some waist movement.  Overall, I'm really impressed with Swerve's sculpt.  It is certainly extremely detailed.  However, he isn't my favorite of the Legends released thus far.  My favorite?  That's coming up next.


  1. These guys look like a lot of fun! I don't collect the Legends line either, but I'm looking forward to Bombshell - this seems like a scale made for the Insecticons.

    I'm gonna take a guess on Cosmos as your favourite so far?

  2. really like him. there's a lot of legends that i enjoy. especially the minibots. won't go bigger for any of them. deluxe sized minibots are the size for the mp scale.

  3. I bought Swerve just for Flanker. I don't get all the love for the Swerve character...then again I'm way behind on my IDW reading...