Monday, March 2, 2015

I love Powermasters.  I currently do not have that many Powermasters.  Well, that's not true.  I'm currently only missing Joyride and Dreadwind thanks to my recent purchase of Getaway.
Sadly, this isn't the whitest Getaway, but I decided to get him for two reasons: price and box.  The price was too good to pass up, and I really wanted a Powermaster box.  I really only wanted to box for the art on the back.  I've sold off every G1 box I've had up to this point, but the Powermaster and Pretender box art is just something really special.
It's certainly the best drawn of the US released stuff, and it's really the last of the epic battles depicted on the boxes.  After this, the box art kind of devolved into comic style art that, frankly, wasn't so great.  But the images of Skullgrin and Landmine phasing out of their shells, the look on Doubledealer's face, it all adds up to some striking art.  Back to Getaway.
One of the main reasons that I love Powermasters is the way they look with their engines attached.  Getaway is perhaps the best looking of the Autobots in vehicle mode.  With Rev attached, he looks like a powerful racing machine.
Speaking of Rev, here he is in non-engine mode.  He's a typical Powermaster Nebulan.
Getaway has one of the more complex transformations of the Autobot Powermasters.  He twists at the waist and roof of the car also rotates during transformation.  The twisting waist gives another option for posing since Getaway's legs are fused together and he has the barest of articulation with his arms.
Finally, a shot of Getaway and Rev together.  They make a nice pair.  Next week, I'll have yet another vintage figure!


  1. I opted for a boxed version of his Japanese version, Lightfoot. Beautiful box art. Cool toy too.

  2. I've thought about just getting the Japanese versions of the Decepticon Powermasters, but I'm still debating it.

  3. I absolutely love the Powermasters box art, here in the UK it was also used for the cover of the Return of Optimus Prime VHS.

    Getaway looks great! Agreed about how well Rev works in his bonnet hatch as well. Has he had any action in the IDW comics at all to your knowledge? A Generations release could be great.

    1. I need that VHS just for the box! As far as Getaway in the IDW books, he's been featured, just not a lot. He played a major role in Skids getting his memories back, however.