Monday, June 29, 2015

Combiner Wars Cyclonus

So the Combiner Wars cavalcade continues.  Up next, we have Cyclonus, a retool of Combiner Wars Silverbolt.  I opted to preorder Cyclonus from BBTS rather than wait and hope that he showed up in a store.  I'm winding down on new figures that I find interesting, and decided it was best to just get what I wanted now.  Besides, Cyclonus is awesome in IDW's Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye and he really deserves a new figure.
There aren't a lot of changes with the Silverbolt mold.  Cyclonus features a new color scheme (duh), new head sculpt (double duh), a remolded chest, and a new canopy.  Oh, and new wings.  And those cool wing things on his forearms, which I have upside down for reasons that I can't explain.  Also, the parts of his legs that form Galvatronus' chest are new.  So maybe this was a bit more extensive a retool than I thought.  Cyclonus still has Silverbolt's gorilla arms, however.  A bit of the transformation scheme has changed as well.  Where Silverbolt's head folded into his chest, Cyclonus' just folds back.  I think that his antennae make Cyclonus' head too big to fit in the chest cavity.
Sadly, Cyclonus still comes with Silverbolt's weapon. Since the wings on his forearms preclude placing the "shield" on them, Cyclonus gets to hold it.  It's an odd look, to say the least.  Still, look at that shade of purple that was used on Cyclonus.  It's gorgeous.
The jet mode suffers from the same rear box-like design necessitated for the legs.  However, the rest of the jet mode is terrific.  Certainly miles ahead of the Universe version.  Can you believe that the Universe version was released seven years ago?  Time flies.  At any rate, the jet mode, for the most part, really looks like the version from season 3 of the show.  It's very impressive.
Since this is Combiner Wars, Cyclonus is now able to merge with other figures to form a super warrior.  In this case, that super warrior is known as Galvatronus, which I guess is an homage to that time Galvatron merged all of the Decepticons together to destroy Cybertron.  Cyclonus doesn't have his own team, apparently.  This is really a bit of a surprise, as I really thought that there would be at least Scourge, if not a Sweep or two, to add to the mix.  Sadly, Cyclonus is forced to add members from other teams against their will.  For this pic, I used Alpha Bravo, Dead End, Fireflight, and Slingshot.  Since I really don't like the look of any of the gestalts, this will be only time I'll ever see Galvatronus in action.

Cyclonus is an improvement over his Universe incarnation, especially in jet mode.  The combination aspect, I think is unnecessary and downright ridiculous.

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