Monday, February 10, 2014

Monstructor Part VII - Monstructor
Finally, we're at the "big" guy, Monstructor, which if you've seen him before or if you already own him, you know that he's not that big.  In fact, he's woefully small.  Still, I have him, and I'm pretty pleased with myself.  One quick note, however.  The box art that I'm using for Monstructor isn't his actual box art.  Monstructor was never released as a giftset anywhere, so he never actually received box art.  What we see above is a recolored Dinoking.  It was all part of a project to get Monstructor some box art.

I'm not going to go into Monstructor's history in the fiction, because as I've stated before, I don't really like him as a character anymore.
I don't care how cool he looks
What do you get when you combine six small Pretenders?  A gestalt!
Here's Monstuctor in all of his glory.  It's funny how Slog's arms are still visible, but everyone seems to use those as extra T-Rex like appendages, so I'm good with that.  If you could distill the early 90's into one figure, Monstructor would be that distillation.  Notice the color blocking on each figure?  Or the outrageous, almost garish choices of colors?  This is truly a product of it's time.  Yes, I know that he was actually released in 1989, but this was truly a precursor of things to come.

One thing that may shock some of you is that Monstructor really isn't a brick - he actually has some articulation!  His head doesn't turn, and his arms can only move up and down at the shoulders, but he does have some hidden articulation thanks to his combination scheme.

Run, Monstructor!  Run!
That's right, Monstructor has leg articulation!  I've officially decided that he is now the Forrest Gump of the gestalts, running everywhere.  Don't expect to see any shots of Monstructor's arms moving.  GPS prevents that thought from even entering my head.  I'm surprised that I had the courage to move his leg into the above condition.

Have you ever noticed how short Monstructor is?  I've been told before that he's short, but I never really appreciated just how small until I compared him to some other figures.

Here is Monstructor with the grandfather of all combiners, Devastator.  Monstructor comes to Devastator's waist.  That's pretty small.  What about in comparison to a Scramble City type fustilateral quintrocombiner, you make ask?  Take a look for yourself.
How about that?  He's at Menasor's waist as well.  He's just a puny guy.  I feel bad putting in my gestalt cabinet.  Still, he is a combiner, so that's where he will stay.  Say, I wonder how he fares when compared to the Micromaster combiners?  I'll have to get one of those and check it out.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with myself for getting Monstructor.  He was the last US G1 combiner that I needed, and now I have that category completed.  Thanks to the constant stress I'm under over the ticking clock of crumbledom, I can definitely state that I will no longer buy any figures that I can't pose or touch thanks to GPS.  I just feel bad that I have something that I can only stare at, and not touch.  It makes me feel like I'm a kid again and looking at my dad's stereo.

There you have it, after nearly two months, Monstructor is done.  And thus ends the first set of figures that I bought thanks to the influence of someone else.  One thing that I realized while doing all of these Monster Pretenders is that I don't think I'll be doing individual posts on fusilateral quintrocombiners again unless they've done something in the fiction.  I'd really like to thank flywheels for his input on this purchase.  I wonder what the next figure will be?


  1. That was a nice few months of posts. I really liked that artwork that went along with these guys.

    You are right though, it's such a shame that he is so small but in the end I think that only adds to his uniqueness. Also, good on youfor completeing a portion of your collecting.


    1. Thanks. I'm so happy to have all of the US combiners that it's not even funny. Now to debate about the Japanese ones...

  2. *Wonders what else I can get him to buy*