Friday, February 6, 2015

Generations Arcee

So I've had Arcee for quite a bit, but sickness, and then other figures prevented me from talking about her.  Time to rectify that, I suppose.
I've always been partial to Arcee, for reasons that I've never been certain of.  Maybe it's the Princess Leia hair.  Perhaps it's that she was never issued as a toy, an issue that I noticed even as a kid.  Whatever made her stick in my head all of these years, it worked.  Sure, Arcee isn't the first female Transformer to ever grace the screen, but she had the most impact.
There have been several attempts at Arcee toys over the years, most never made it past the concept stages, and the most notable one that made it through, in my eyes, was the Binaltech version.  Still, this isn't a G1 Arcee.  Finally, after 28 years, the toy gods have blessed us with a G1 rendition of a fan favorite character.
What Hasbro has given us is a nice looking figure.  The first thing that I noticed when I opened her up and placed her on my self was that she is a lot more sturdy than Windblade.  Even with the backpack, she just feels like a much more solid figure.  Her accessories are also better.  Arcee comes with two pistols, one of which is featured on Chromia's package art (more on this in another post).  The guns fit in well with how I like to picture Arcee nowadays:
A hacked off killing machine.  It's really hard to think of the Generations Arcee figure as a stone cold killer when she has a smile sculpted onto her face.  But, this Arcee doesn't seem to based on IDW's version.  However, Arcee comes with two more accessories that help with the IDW look.
These are energy swords.  Or maybe they're rifles.  I've seen people use these as rifles.
I don't like that look.  Before I go any further, I'd like to point out something about the pistols.
The pistol grips are really big.  I find them unsettling, for some reason and I'm not entirely sure on what the designers were thinking with this.
Vehicle mode is really where Arcee stands out.  How freaking awesome is this thing?  It's almost as if she popped out of my TV screen and into my collection.  Flory Dery must be grinning somewhere.  The great thing about this mode?  It also doubles as a tank.
Adding all of Arcee's weapons to the vehicle mode gives you a very, very heavily armed futuristic car.  Or would that be a 10 year old car since this would be a 2005 model?  At any rate, I think Daniel would be pretty secure riding in this.

Twenty-eight years is all it took to get an Arcee.  Twenty-eight.  All it took was for her popularity to be at an all-time high thanks to a comic book.  And for social mores on female action figures to change.  Now someone get James Roberts to make Devcon popular enough to get Hasbro to issue him.  Please?  Pretty please?


  1. Don't. Like. The. Black. Bits.

    This is one I'm glad I waited and paid an extra $10 for the Takara version.

    1. To be honest, I didn't even notice the black until you pointed it out. Now that I notice it, that's all I notice on her. Guess it's time to get the Tomy version...