Monday, August 17, 2015

Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee

Repaints are almost always a tricky proposition.  For every Silver Bluestreak that's released, there's a Year of the Horse Optimus Prime, or Year of the Goat Soundwave.  I know that there are those who pretty much swear off repaints in the Masterpiece line, but I've decided to just get the ones that interest me.  When TakaraTomy announced that G2 'Bee would be produced, I met the news with a fair amount of blah.  Yeah, there is the included jet pack, and the G2 insignia, but I really didn't feel as though there was enough to set G2 Bee apart like G2 Sideswipe was from the regular Sideswipe.  Gold paint?  Wow.  I don't even like the color gold.  Then something got stuck in my head.  A series of sentences.  Sentences that didn't even apply to G2 'Bee.  Those sentences?  "I've gone beyond being just plain old Bumbleebee!  I'm a gold bug!"  Yeah, this doesn't even apply to G2 'Bee.  Still, each and every time I'd think about G2 'Bee or see a picture of him, that refrain would enter my brain and never cease.  Is that possibly the most ridiculous reason to make a purchase?  Maybe, I don't know.  I could've bought him because I thought the paint scheme matched my tan.
I'm just going to run through this review of this gold...bug since he's identical to the MP-21 release.  As with every other Masterpiece figure that's come with decals, I have not, and will not add them.  I just can't bring myself to do it for some reason.  But as you can see, this is gold. 
As with my OG 'Bee, I've keeping the faceplate feature on.  I prefer this look over the more animation model accurate faces.  One thing that did surprise me a bit is that the G2 symbol isn't on the chest plate that flips around.  That just seems like something that would already be there through a tampograph.
The main attraction of G2 Bumblebee for most would be the jet pack.  I will readily admit that it's a great idea and is executed fairly well.  It's nice to see Takara taking on things that the 3rd party guys are doing or planning on doing.
Sadly, I finally received a Masterpiece figure that had a QA issue.  As evidenced by the crude arrow in the above picture, my jet pack has a noticeable splotch on it.  It's really noticeable in person.  Splotches aside, the design that went into how the pack attaches is simple, but effective.  The pack is actually three separate pieces: two shoulder straps that attach to notches on the figure, and the pack itself.  It will be interesting if Takara does indeed do other minibots (I'm looking for you, Brawn), if they'll also include the notches.  I checked the original Bumblebee, and he already had them, so this isn't something that Takara had to go back and modify the molding for. 
If G2 is your thing, that I highly suggest getting MP-21G.  After all, the original G2 Bumblebee was nothing more than a shiny gold version of the Bumblebee.  Really, Takara is just following history with this release.  The far more interesting aspect of MP-21G is the jet pack, something that I think Takara should make available as a separate accessory. 

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