Thursday, May 3, 2012

I think my counterpart is nearby....

Man, life has been crazy in the month since my last post.  I've been sick and working crazy hours the last month, so posting hasn't happened.  I've had all sorts of posts in my head, but they never materialized.  I'm feeling well now and work has settled down, so posting can resume!  Which is good, because I've quite a few new acquisitions.

Punch/Counterpunch.  He's two Transformers in one!  Punch is the Autobot, Counterpunch is the Decepticon.  His only appearance to my knowledge was during the "Rebirth" episodes of the original series.  And that was all of a minute.  I think it went something like Counterpunch telling Pounce and Wingspan to stop being evil because Counterpunch heard that his counterpart, Punch was nearby.  They tell him to quit being a douche and continue being evil.  Counterpunch walks around a corner, transforms into Punch, walks in and get shot.  Way to make the most of your appearance, dude.  Seriously, if you're going for the whole double agent angle, don't walk two seconds away, change cover, then come back.  What if someone walked up on him?  Did it now occur to Punch that maybe he should hide a little better?

At any rate, defective logic aside, I always wanted Punch.  The problem was that every time I went to the store to buy him, I'd see a Snaptrap or a Quickswitch.  By the time I decided to buy him, I couldn't find him.  Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I'm an Autobot!
I found this guy on eBay for fairly cheap.  Cheap enough that I wondered if the seller lied about the condition or didn't know what he was selling.  I usually see them going for around $80 or more, but I got him for substantially cheaper.  After I won the auction, I nervously waited for my Punch to arrive in the mail.

And I'm a Decepticon!
After three days, he arrived and I was pleasantly surprised.  His joints were tight.  I mean super tight.  His stickers were nearly perfect.  A couple of scratches on a few stickers, but nothing to really quibble about.  And I got his instruction booklet.  What a steal.  I'm happy.  I finally got my double agent!  My plan is to display him as a Decepticon because my Decepticon ranks are rather...thin.  I think my Autobots outnumber my Decepticons something like 75-1 or something.  The more Decepticons I can get, the better, I suppose.

But we both transform into the same car!
This is truly an outstanding figure, especially in the age of bricks.  Now that I have his figure, I really want to see some outstanding fiction.  His bio is rife with potential.  He's a freaking double agent who's slowly losing his identity for Primus' sake!  James Roberts, Nick Roche, I'm looking at you two for some salvation for Punch.  Make it happen.

That's 1 down, 43 to go.


  1. I always thought he should've found the nearest phone booth to transform in first! Even though he had a small part in the cartoon series I always liked this toy. I've owned him several times over the years, but I've never been able to own both guns. Why oh why do his guns have to go for $25+ everywhere?!

    1. Yeah, I think it's ridiculous what accessories go for nowadays. I needed a gun for my Fasttrack, but when I looked online for it on eBay, it was going for $61! For a little orange gun!

      On the plus side, I seem to have accessories for figures, but not the figures. I saved about $40 on Quickswitch because I only needed the figure.

    2. If only I could find a cheap Sixshot body. A friend gave me the pair of guns years ago...