Friday, November 2, 2012

Predaking Part III - Razorclaw

So I've covered the left and right arms of the Welcome to 2010 Predaking reissue. I'm basically just disassembling my Predaking and doing posts. That means that the torso is next. Here goes my Razorclaw post.

Razorclaw's profile is pretty awesome. It's so awesome, that I'm just going to copy it directly from the TFWiki:

Know that when the Predacons are on the hunt, their leader Razorclaw is all business. Every drop of fuel in his system and every thought in his processor are dedicated to the task at hand, and he often lies in wait, completely motionless, for long stretches of time. Fools confuse this for laziness. Many of them have become his prey.
Like all the Predacons, Razorclaw revels in the hunt. And the only thing he appreciates more than an easy kill is one earned in battle with worthy prey. In these situations, Razorclaw prefers to face his foe with honor. It costs him little to give them a well-earned moment of dignity, as their ultimate fate will remain the same.

Awesome, right? It figures that the ultimate predator would be the leader if the Predacons. If only this had been exploited in the U.S. cartoon or the Marvel Comics. Well, the G1 run. I actually liked what Furman did with him in the G2 series.

The best use of Razorclaw so far has naturally been in the IDW comics. First Simon Furman established Razorclaw's sense of honor during "Stormbringer" then Mike Costa added the survival of the fittest angle in the relaunched G1 comic. Truly a great Decepticon.

Such a great character deserves a great toy. Razorclaw missed the boat on that. Badly. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the figure, but I don't live it either.

Razorclaw was definitely designed with the intention of being Predaking's torso first, in my mind, and a Transformer second. It works for his alt mode, which is gorgeous. I mean look at it:

Gorgeous, isn't it? The wide body, the mane, even the legs are beautiful. It screams "King of the Jungle". I don't think a better lion has been released in other toy lines. Maybe the original Leo Prime, but I doubt it. I really like the change from yellow to gold plastic. Just comparing the Welcome to 2010 version to pictures of the original, the gold just seems to go better with the black.

If only that awesome lion mode translated to an awesome robot mode. The main thing I dislike about this mode are his arms. Razorclaw has the shortest, stubbiest arms I've ever seen. To me, he should have had arms that elongate like Divebomb or Rampage. They just throw off everything about him.

Because his arms are so short, it just throws everything off. I think that if Razorclaw's arms were just a tad longer, he could hold his cannon. They're just so out of proportion for his size! I'm so unnerved by them that I almost never put him into bot mode.

Taking everything into account while looking at this figure, I can't help but be a little let down. Razorclaw possesses perhaps the best lion alt mode of any ever released, but when coupled with his so-so robot mode, a lot is taken away. Maybe it's just me.

Does anyone know what the TFwiki was parodying on Razorclaw's profile? 

Up next, Headstrong!

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