Friday, March 14, 2014

Glacialord Part VI - Glacialord!

So one day, while checking out the great PaxCybertron site, I saw this picture:
Even with only 3/5 of him completed, Glacialord looked impressive.  I had to get him.  And I have.
Here he is completed.  Before I go any further, I'd like to point out one thing that I love about the combination process.  While the feet are part of Razorspike and Tailclub's animal modes, the fists are another matter.  The fists are actually hidden in Glacialord's top cannons.  Pretty nifty.
Glacialord is pretty impressive.  He's wide-bodied and I was instantly reminded of Defensor.
As you can see, they both have thick torsos.  Glacialord is taller, but both Defensor and Glacialord have very similar looks.  Even their heads are similar.
To create Glacialord's weapon, Fangro and Tailclub attach their weapons to Tuskor's.  It looks pretty neat.  Have I mentioned how tall Glacialord?
He's pretty much the same height as Superion, the tallest of the Scramble City combiners.  Which reminds me - Glacialord is based on the Scramble City techniques.  You can make any of the limbs whichever limb you so choose.  Neat.

I don't think I could have asked for a better entry into 3rd Party products than the RetroFuture project.  It sticks pretty closely to the G1 aesthetic while adding it's own little twist.  Maybe I'll try out another 3rd Party product.  Thanks to PaxCybertron and Arkvander for giving me my first glimpse of this wonderful figure. 


  1. I like the design of this fellow, the missile pack on the waist puts me off tho. If Dinoking from Victory was a little taller and more detailed , Glacialord would fit perfectly displayed next to each other imo. Im glad to hear you have been tainted by 3rd party tfs, it just adds flavor to the Transformers' menu :D

    1. The missile packs are awesome! It really adds to the look. I don't know how much I'll order from the 3rd party menu, but it's a nice looking menu.